Thursday, April 19, 2007

Alice's French Lesson - A Podcast

I am packing for a trip to Paris and I leave tonight. I studied French in high school, but since I didn’t have anyone to speak with, I’ve lost most of what I once knew. So I’ve been honing my French skills the Alice way. I picked up some cool French songs courtesy of some great blogs, (the links to which I’ve included below in case you want to check them out). I downloaded them and then I went online and looked for the “paroles,” which I found out is French for “lyrics.” I plan to listen to them and learn all the lyrics on the plane. I just hope someone asks me something that I can answer with “Les filles c’est fait pour faire l’amour.”

So if you’ve ever wanted to learn French, or just enjoy singing in a language you barely understand, join me in singing along!

Au Revoir,


Alice Bag’s French Lesson

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Or go to to stream the audio.

Les Filles C’est Fait Pour Faire L’amour - Charlotte Leslie
Le Temps De La Rentree - France Gall
Ecoutez - Elsa
Soyons Sages - France Gall
Je T’aime...Moi Non Plus - Serge Gainsbourg
Bubble Gum - Brigitte Bardot
Irresistiblement - Sylvie Vartan
Sous Le Soleil Exactement - Anna Karina
D’etre a Vous - Marie Laforet
Le Mannequin - Annie Philippe
La Ballade de Clerambard - Marie Laforet
Jeu du Telephone - Natacha Snitkine
Ca Plane Pour Moi - Plastic Bertrand

Merci beaucoup to the following music blogs, without which I could not have assembled this podcast:

Spiked Candy

Filles Sourires

Asi Se Fundo Carnaby Street


LouisJacinto said...

Paris, my favorite city ... I can only say "Pardon me, but I'm sorry. I don't speak French. Do you speak English or Spanish?" And then the English flows out of them, with a smile. Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Dear Alice,

Its Chris Petrizzo here,listening to your bagcast here at work in the valley..groovy.I went to Paris when I was was amazing,beautiful,the food and wine was divine.I saw as much as I could in the short time I was there.I hope you enjoy; and be sure to check out naughty Pigalle and Montmarte,but try not to step in shit.

See you soon Alicia,


Jenny Lens said...

You didn't listen to your old pal Belinda and her new solo CD sung in French of great French songs?

You haven't lived til you've heard Belinda cover Piaf's "La Vie En Rose."

Can't wait to read your thoughts after your trip. How fabulous for you!!

Bon Voyage!

Alicia said...
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Alicia said...

Oh my, I had no idea Belnida had recorded thta cd. I will definitely tryto find it while I'm here. This computer is not working very well, so please excuse any typos!. Dinner cruise on the Seine last night, so romantic. Today it's off to the Loire Valley for and dinner tonight on the Eiffel Tower. Details a pix when I get home!

Au revoir!


Birkin Moi said...

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog, and I hope yo can frenche very well with music. Yo can visit, if yo want my new blog, Escala in hi-fi, with french, italian and spanisf music


Birkin Moi (Javier)

scuesme said...

Hi ALice,

Nice to hear you're still kicking around all these years. Plan on seeing you on the 5th. Baaz

Alicia said...

It's been non-stop since we arrived, between tour buses, boats, trains and of course the metro. What an incredibly beautiful city. This afternoon we had our first bit of downtime and used it to rest and do nothing but relax in our hotel room. Had dinner on the Eiffel Tower at the restaurant Jules Verne last night. Romantic and great food and service. Oh kay gotta go again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the cool, swinging sixties French pop.