Monday, April 16, 2007


I had to share the cover of the latest Razorcake with you all because it features my dear friend Teresa and my pal Rudy from the Brat. Not only that, but the artwork is incredible! I would rush out and buy it just for that cover alone. Awesomeness!!!

It features an interview with the Brat, an interview with Young People With Faces and lots of other fun things. Overall, it just looks like a really good issue so go out and buy one! Send me one too because they don't sell it out here on the outer edge of nowhere.

On another note, I've got a little more info on the May 5th show in Echo Park. The details are still developing but here is what I do know for now. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $10 at this website (click on the text link below to go there) and the venue is all-ages (yey!).

CINCO DE MAYO SHOW On Cinco de Mayo (Saturday, May 5) the Silver Lake Film festival celebrates the rich-history of Chicano rock music in East Los Angeles from Lalo Guerrerro to War to Los Lobos. The evening will feature performances by Dios Malos, Lysa Flores (1997 Independent SPIRIT debut-performance nominee for the film "Star Maps"), Ollin, The Revolts (featuring Jonathan Velasquez, star Larry Clark's "Wassup Rockers"), and culminating with the grand finale of 1970's punk-legend Alice Bag being presented with the MUSIC PIONEER AWARD and her performing a song by The Bags for the first time in decades.


Anonymous said...

Great artwork on that Razorcake.

Congratulations on the award!

godoggo said...

I've never known anything about the Brat except that they did one of my all-time favorite songs. Maybe because everything I do is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Jesus wept! She'll be doing a Bags song! Which one?

What will happen the next day?

Will the entire world have changed?

Congratulations, Miz Alice!

Anonymous said...

We dont want her to answer which one ,lets find out that night !!


Paul said...

I remember seeing The Brat at the Russian Center in San Francisco(supporting X). Must have been 1981. It was great to see fellow Mexicans on stage.

Paul said...

Just found a flyer from that gig: