Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!!

I'm really into this series of Japanese horror manga by Hideshi Hino lately. They are sick, perverted, violent and disturbing...and totally engrossing. Here's a little horror song for you all in keeping with the Stay At Home Bomb/Mom theme: Enjoy!
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C. MUNSTER said...

hey Alice
is Stay At Home Bomb ever gunna play in the Orange County area again? I went to the show at Chain Reaction last year or so, it was great! I was lovin the Twinkies. You signed my ticked and o0o0 that just made my day. haha its still pinned up to my wall. well anyway let me know. o0o and also where can i find Bags lyrics? ive searched online but i just cant find any.

Alice Bag said...

We're playing at the Casbah in San Diego on the 18th, it's 21 and over though. We'd love to play an all ages club in OC again and will (hopefully) do that before the end of the year. Thanks!