Monday, October 04, 2004

A VERY Quick Update

Las Tres will be opening a show with some of the most creative L.A. punk and underground artists at the old Vex (Self Help Graphics) in East L.A. on October 16, more details can be found at Please be sure to come early to check out the work of some great artists, including Diane Gamboa!

Stay At Home Bomb has been busy too, we're really trying to finish the recordings of our newer songs so we can get those over to Danny at Warning Label for an official release ASAP! Stay At Home Bomb is confirmed for two So. Cal shows with the hard rockin' U.K. band, Girlschool. Judy & Sharon are especially thrilled to play these shows since they've loved Girlschool for years. The Knitting Factory in Hollywood will be an all ages show and the Casbah in SD is 21 and over. More info soon.

Lastly, Castration Squad is still rehearsing and writing new material. All of the members of CSquad are full time moms in addition to being in other bands - Dinah Cancer is very active with her band, The 45 Grave Robbers - and we all have major time commitments elsewhere, so it's slow going. When we're ready to do our first show, you'll read it here first!

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motomama said...


I'm so excited that you're playing San Diego. It will be my first show since before I became pregnant!


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