Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Unfinished Business

Self Help Graphics

Las Tres will be opening the musical portion of a great show at Self Help Graphics in East L.A. this Saturday, October 16. Click on the flyer above for more details. The admission is $10.00 at the door and a portion of the proceeds will go to Self Help Graphics, which has been at the heart of the Chicano arts community for over twenty years. Those of you who know a bit of L.A. punk history might recall that it was the site of the original Vex in the early 1980's. A lot of history will be on display at this show. Some great musicians are involved, many of whom you would not get a chance to see outside of a major concert venue, so please come down and bring your friends and family along. It will definitely be a thought-provoking and fun event.

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tescosuicide said...

I must be nice to live somewhere that still holds it's Punk history - here in Philly, it's become quite past - way past - I wish I could be at this gig.