Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Greatest Band In The World

I've posted a couple of video clips of the greatest band in the world (that would be the Weirdos - do you have to ask?) in my website archives. This footage was supplied to me by a friend and comes from a taping for a TV show called "At Night" - but aside from that I don't know anything else about it other than I was in the audience at this February 1978 show at the original Masque, probably with most of the other people in the L.A./Hollywood punk scene at the time. Terry Graham (soon to become "Dad Bag") and his girlfriend, Jane Drano (Jane Wiedlin) are in the front row alongside Carla Maddog, the great drummer for the Controllers. I caught a glimpse of Kid Congo (when he was still known as Brian) in one of the shots.

Alice and Cliff Roman talk about the Weirdos

The Weirdos, more than any other band, inspired me to be in a punk band. After I saw them play at the Orpheum in 1977 with the Germs and the Zeros, I was determined to get onstage. I know that many other people at that show went out and formed bands immediately thereafter, so I don't think I'm alone in saying that the Weirdos are incredibly important and influential in the early history of the scene. Aside from that, they just ROCKED!

I've only posted very short clips to give you a taste of the majesty of the Weirdos at the height of their glory. The rest of the video includes their full set and will hopefully be released by the Weirdos themselves someday. In the meantime, please enjoy my little offering to the Gods of Punk Rock by clicking on the link below.

Weirdos At The Masque


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Alice, you've done it again...amazing! Keep up the good work.