Monday, February 28, 2005

Slash Magazine Archive

Readers of my website will be very interested in a brand new feature on Mark Vallen's Art-For-A-Change website. The feature is entitled "Slash - The Monthly Manifesto of Angry Refusal." Mark was kind enough to post some of the fabulous Slash covers along with Kickboy's wonderfully inspiring editorials. Thank you, Mark.

For those of you who are not familiar with Mark Vallen's work, he is a tremendously talented artist in his own right and a tireless advocate for social justice and change. In many ways, his work embodies the underlying spirit of the early punk scene, which was an attempt to dismantle the status quo and create a new and better world.

Anyone looking for the real spirit of the early L.A. punk scene could do no better than to read Claude Bessy's writing. He gave eloquent voice to what many of us were feeling and trying to express in our music, fashion and lifestyle. Anything I could say would only pale in comparison to his own words, so please, check it out by clicking on the image below!

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Jenny Lens said...

Alice, I beg to differ. I relate to what you say/write far more than I ever did to anything Claude said or wrote. Except for the time he came over to tell me Exene's sister was killed the night before -- he told me he knew how
much I loved X. But I loved him more for being so considerate of me.

I had a mad, passionate lust for that man and if not for Philomena, Claude and I would have had at least one brief moment of hot sweat. But you reach deep into my soul, my heart and mind in ways he could not. That is not to diminish the sexiest Norman in the whole punk scene, but you are his peer in
so many ways.

I am glad Mark is doing this. I miss Claude so much and every time I come across his fab face in my files, I smile. Oh I found great shots of you Alice at Plez's birthday in 1978! My friends live in my files. And their words!

And my heartfelt thanks to your mother. Not just for the archives, but for being so loving, accepting and supportive, just like her daughter and I am sure as your daughter will be!!