Saturday, February 19, 2005


Went to see the Briefs (from Seattle) play last night in Hollywood. They were alot of fun: good, old time energetic punk rock like the Vibrators, the Weirdos and the Skulls. They were so good, in fact, that I couldn't stop myself from jumping into the mosh pit for a few rounds...heck, there were some kids in there who looked like they could be schoolmates of my 10 year old daughter. I thought I could hang. Well, that lasted about five minutes before all my energetic pogoing and slamming resulted in some involuntary bladder evacuation...ok, I peed in my pants...just a little! I guess I'm gonna have to come up with some punk rock Depends before my next show. I could start a new punk rock fashion trend.

This is not me crowd surfing.

Audience Joins The Briefs Onstage

I wasn't the only oldster there last night. I ran into my old Masque-mate, Billy Bones (who did not pee in his pants), lead singer of the Skulls, checking out the band. And some guy who looked an awful lot like Morrissey was there too, although he was safely ensconced in the VIP balcony, far from the moshing crowd. A girl who was standing next to me in the audience leaned over and said "Discreetly, can you look up in the balcony and tell me if that guy is Morrissey?" I looked up and confirmed that it looked like him. Then she started yelling " MORRISSEEYY! YEAH, MORRISSEEY!!" leaving me uncertain as to why she had bothered to use the word "discreetly" in the first place. I wonder if Morrissey ever peed his pants onstage?


Jenny Lens said...

Alice, you are too honest and so funny! I am a Briefs fan too. Our fellow early punk, Shawn Stern, signed them to his BYO Records label (and does he still look young -- what is it about punk that some of us haven't changed that much??)

A pal sent me their first CD a few years ago. I ran into Billy Bones when I saw you and Greg at the Avengers last June 19 at Spaceland. He said the Skulls were playing with the Briefs at Alex's Bar in Long Beach. I spent the day there and danced in the mosh pit. I ended up flat on my back on the floor with a fan and a guard rolling on top of me. Hmm, not what I expected! I go into more detail on my Stories link, 4th of July, 2004 at

The Briefs were so kind to me and loaded me with swag, knowing how much I wanted to see them and, oh it's hard to write this, I am laughing so much. I am a 50 something woman and it's hard to keep me outta the mosh pit! But I always pee before a show!!!

I love you Alice and Greg!

motomama said...


Great story. I hope after this next baby comes out I can go to a show again. It's been too long for me. And I will admit that I have no bladder control anymore. We gotta do those kegels!

Sharon and I are hoping to be at the Minutemen film premiere up in Pedro next Friday night - possibly with toddlers in tow. Might you be there?

Anonymous said...

i love you

Anonymous said...

That's too funny...I was at the same show and yes, it was Morrissey. I actually ran into him before the show...well, not "ran into him", but ran into his bodyguard. Too bad I missed running into you! I would love to meet you someday.