Monday, February 07, 2005


Continuing my series of interviews with influential women in the early L.A. punk scene, I'm happy to announce that I've posted a much-too brief chat with Philly Bessy (formerly Philomena Winstanley). I'm just really happy to be back in touch with Philly after all these years. She was always a source of strength and sanity for me in my wild punk days and more than once she and Claude Bessy saved me from trouble. Of course, Claude also endangered my life on several occasions, but that's another story.

Philomena has been living abroad since she and her husband moved from the States in the early 1980's. She was instrumental in the growth of the L.A. punk scene in many ways, the most obvious being the fact that she and Claude were co-editors of Slash, which helped kick start the whole movement in Los Angeles.



MrBaliHai said...

Cool. I haven't thought about Claude and Philly for many years. Slash definitely inspired X-8 and Al to launch Flipside.

motomama said...

I love the stuff you've been putting on your site. Growing up in Minneapolis, I could only read about these people (including yourself). It's great to see the personal stories.